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Distributed surface code lattice surgery

Quantum information theory and quantum technologies
Quantum optics

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Théorique, numérique
The creation of a network of medium scale quantum computing cells connected to each other by means of entanglement is establishing as one the most promising approach towards large scale quantum computing. The project aims to extend the most common error correction protocol -- the surface code with a lattice surgery construction – to the distributed setting. The basic idea is to perform stabilizer measurements across physically separated cells by means of shared noisy entangled Bell pairs. In this framework, the intern will have to finely understand the specificities of error correction codes and use known or develop its own simulator of noisy quantum circuits to efficiently evaluate the threshold and overhead of a distributed surface code. In parallel, the intern will investigate a large scale quantum algorithm -- like Shor’s algorithm -- to estimate precisely the resource and runtime needed to run such an algorithm on a physical platform using cat qubits and driven by a distributed surface code lattice surgery. The intern will be supervised by N. Sangouard (CEA-Saclay), E. Gouzien and J. Guillaud (Alice&Bob). Depending on the student motivations, the internship might be followed by a PhD thesis (already funded) between CEA-Saclay and Alice&Bob. For a recent publication relevant for the project, see E. Gouzien, D. Ruiz, F.-M. Le Régent, J. Guillaud & N. Sangouard, Phys. Rev. Lett. 131, 040602 (2023) ; arXiv:2302.06639
Nicolas Sangouard
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